„Chapter“ High Performing Teams Simulation

Change situations put additional pressure on teams. Existing teams have to cope with stress and challenges induced by uncertainty and new challenges. Reorganization and projects will require newly built teams to form, and quickly perform – all that in a demanding environment.

Chapter™ is a web-based High Performing Teams Simulation Game, which helps teams to learn what it takes to speed up and increase the levels of team performance.

The simulation is played in teams, which allows participants to experience what is required to quickly build high-performing teams which have both solid relationships and excellent team working practices.

The High Performing Teams Simulation develops skills in 3 key areas:

  1. The different activities needed to develop effective team meetings, alignment, communications and members
  2. Process Interventions for the team as a whole and Change Management interventions with individuals
  3. Reacting well to unexpected changes in the team and its team members

In this workshop, Ken Thompson will play a 45 minutes live session of the simulation „Chapter“.